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N95 Mask Review Workhorse SRS1010V Review

We were looking forward to trying out the McCordick Workhorse SRS1010V N95 Mask to see how it would perform.

Workhorse SRS1010V Valved Mask
Workhorse SRS1010V Valved Mask

Having to wear N95 masks for long periods day in and day out (in a non-medical setting), we prefer valved masks. It is much easier to breath and the valve lets the exhaled breath out of the mask and keeps the user cooler and more comfortable.

At first glance, the workhorse mask appears to be constructed well and the mask materials and finish are both high quality.

When selecting a brand of mask to wear, the most important factor is fit. For the mask to be effective, the mask has to fit the face and provide a proper seal.

For myself, this mask didn’t fit my face as well as the 3M 8511 Coolflow or the Degil Odyssey N95 Mask with Valve. This is not bad for the Workhorse mask, it is just the shape and size of my face doesn’t match with this mask well. I would say that this mask is a little bit smaller than the above two masks. So if you have a smaller face, this mask might be a good choice for you.

The mask material itself seems sturdy and thick, it gives us confidence that it will do a good job of filtering out the unwanted particles. It seems a little more stiff than the 3M 8511 and the Degil Odyssey N95 Mask with Valve and didn’t mold to my face as well on the first use. It did soften up after a few uses though.

Straps. The straps on this mask are the standard issue rubber band style straps. We wish more high end masks would use the fabric braided style bands that come on the 3M 8511, 8210Plus and Rok masks. They last much longer and allow for more re-use of the mask.

That said, there are lots of good ways to replace the bands if they break or wear out.

Valve. The valve worked well and reliably and it was on par with the 3M 8511. Similarly, when resting and breathing softly the valve does not open easily. But when breathing a little harder for example when walking, the valve opens reliably and does a good job.

Here is a video of the valve in action.

Workhorse SRS1010V N95 Mask – Valve in action

Overall, this is a great quality mask for those that prefer a valved N95 mask. We wish it had better straps but those can be easily replaced if necessary. The fit of this mask is a little smaller than the other masks we have tested and would be a good choice if you have a smaller face.