N95 Masks Update – Oct 2020

With the increased possibility for a second wave of Coronavirus infections in many countries around the world, we have been getting lots of inquiries and questions about our products.

Q. Do you have N95 masks / respirators in stock?
A. Yes, we have N95 masks in stock and ready to ship to you.

Q. Can you sell a large quantity?
A. Sorry, in order to be fair and get as many people N95 masks as possible, we only sell small quantities. Currently, the min order is 2 masks and maximum is 10 masks per order.

Q. Where do you ship from?
A. We have shipping out of both USA and Canada. If you live in the USA for example, your order will be shipped USPS from the USA.

Q. Who are your customers?
A. Our customers are front line workers, doctors, nurses, dentists and many heath care provider professions. We also serve office, warehouse and delivery drivers. Trades people who work in dangerous environments order our N95 masks.There is also a big demand in hospitality and retail. Finally, we serve individuals and families who understand the level of protection of N95 masks and also individuals that may be at a higher risk due to age or pre-existing health conditions.

Q. How long does it take to get my N95 mask?
Shipping time to USA is 3-5 days with USPS
Canada 2-5 days
Europe 7-14 day
Asia 14 days

We hope this has been helpful and wish you and your family safety and good health in these difficult times.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us anytime.

N95 Mask Reviews N95Masks

N95 Mask Review Workhorse SRS1010V Review

We were looking forward to trying out the McCordick Workhorse SRS1010V N95 Mask to see how it would perform.

Workhorse SRS1010V Valved Mask
Workhorse SRS1010V Valved Mask

Having to wear N95 masks for long periods day in and day out (in a non-medical setting), we prefer valved masks. It is much easier to breath and the valve lets the exhaled breath out of the mask and keeps the user cooler and more comfortable.

At first glance, the workhorse mask appears to be constructed well and the mask materials and finish are both high quality.

When selecting a brand of mask to wear, the most important factor is fit. For the mask to be effective, the mask has to fit the face and provide a proper seal.

For myself, this mask didn’t fit my face as well as the 3M 8511 Coolflow or the Degil Odyssey N95 Mask with Valve. This is not bad for the Workhorse mask, it is just the shape and size of my face doesn’t match with this mask well. I would say that this mask is a little bit smaller than the above two masks. So if you have a smaller face, this mask might be a good choice for you.

The mask material itself seems sturdy and thick, it gives us confidence that it will do a good job of filtering out the unwanted particles. It seems a little more stiff than the 3M 8511 and the Degil Odyssey N95 Mask with Valve and didn’t mold to my face as well on the first use. It did soften up after a few uses though.

Straps. The straps on this mask are the standard issue rubber band style straps. We wish more high end masks would use the fabric braided style bands that come on the 3M 8511, 8210Plus and Rok masks. They last much longer and allow for more re-use of the mask.

That said, there are lots of good ways to replace the bands if they break or wear out.

Valve. The valve worked well and reliably and it was on par with the 3M 8511. Similarly, when resting and breathing softly the valve does not open easily. But when breathing a little harder for example when walking, the valve opens reliably and does a good job.

Here is a video of the valve in action.

Workhorse SRS1010V N95 Mask – Valve in action

Overall, this is a great quality mask for those that prefer a valved N95 mask. We wish it had better straps but those can be easily replaced if necessary. The fit of this mask is a little smaller than the other masks we have tested and would be a good choice if you have a smaller face.


Wear Masks Canada Top Doctor Changes Recommendation

Wear masks Canada! Less than a week ago, March 30, 2020, Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s top public health doctor has changed her mind on recommending if the public wear face masks.

In this video, March 30, 2020, she recommends AGAINST the public wearing masks. She says the “evidence is not there” for the public to wear masks.

Then this week, the CDC finally recommends that the public wear masks.

Now, only 7 days after saying that the evidence is not there, Canada’s Tam’s new recommendation is for the public to wear masks.

Unfortunately, she still says that N95 masks should be saved only for “front line health workers”.

But what about other front line workers? Police, fire departments, warehouse workers, retail workers, drivers etc. These people are critical and deserve to have N95 masks to protect them as well.


Wearing Masks vs Not Wearing Masks – East vs West

Wearing Face Masks vs Not Wearing Face Masks. The culture and attitudes to wearing face masks in public is drastically different between the East and West.

Many countries in the East, Singapore, Japan, China, South Korea and others have given their citizens advise (or mandatory orders) to wear face masks in public.

Officials in western countries have been telling citizens that wearing face masks do not help and healthy people should not be wearing face masks.

We have always maintained that this goes against all common sense and logic. Officials are now admitting that the advice was given to save face masks for health professionals.

In this post we won’t go into the moral aspects of this bad advice. It is clear however that front line workers, drivers, retail workers, food service and many non-hospital health care workers have not been wearing masks and it has not only endangered their lives but endangered the lives of the general public.

Up until now, there hasn’t been any data comparisons on this topic but more people are starting to talk and think about this.

Comparison. Countries wearing masks vs. not wearing masks
Comparison. Countries wearing masks vs. not wearing masks

While they are only high level comparison and not a peer reviewed scientific study, it is still eye opening. It is clear that the East countries that are wearing masks have been much more successful in containing the spread of the virus.

Source: Comparing countries that wear masks with those that don’t wear masks


Reuse N95 Masks?

Reuse N95 masks? Lately, due to the global shortage, we are getting a lot of questions about this.

There are many questions, first question is, can I wash it in the washing machine?

We strongly recommend against this as washing it will degrade the integrity of the N95 mask for certain.

Another common question is how many times can I use the N95 masks?

First of all, it should be identified the type of use. Someone going to the store a couple times per week is very different than a ICU nurse that is doing 10 hour shifts, seven days a week.

With light use, N95 masks can likely be reused many many times. We did a long term test of a N95 mask (3M 8511 Review) and wore it for two weeks 4-5 hours every day in a work situation.

We made sure to hang it up after each use, don and doff (put on and take off) it carefully and not to damage the shape of the mask. It held up very well and likely could be used for even longer.

The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) also has some recommendations for extended use of N95 masks.

Due to the the high number of factors and different types and lengths of usages involved, they said “There is no way of determining the maximum possible number of safe reuses for an N95 respirator as a generic number to be applied in all cases.”

That said, they have some very practical tips on their site for those looking to reuse N95 Masks.

The next question is what is the best way to clean / disinfect N95 masks. We will have some tips and research on that for you soon!

Note: is not making specific recommendations if you should or how to reuse N95 masks. Our aim is to get you as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision.


Everyone Wear Face Masks – New York City Recommends

Everyone wear face masks. The tide is turning and some sense is starting to emerge from officials in North America and the West.

Previously official advice was NOT to wear a mask. They said it did not protect against the Coronavirus. Most believed it.

Now in an embarrassing about-face, New Yorkers are now being told to wear masks when they go out in public.

They also admitted that earlier advice to not wear a mask was to save N95 masks for healthcare workers.

They are still not recommending to wear proper N95 masks as they are in short supply.

I don’t know what is worse, the lying to the public or jeopardising thousands and maybe tens of thousands of lives.

Who knows how many lives could have been saved if everybody in America was wearing masks in public from the beginning.

It is just common sense and it helps two-fold. First it helps sick people transmitting the virus into the air and second it stops a wearer from breathing in the virus.

It also sounds like the CDC is about to change their recommendation to tell people to wear masks. We will see in the coming days and weeks.


How to Buy Genuine N95 Masks

When buying N95 masks you are doing so to protect yourself, colleagues and employees. You need to be sure you are getting the quality you expect.

Now with the global shortage of N95 masks, there are hundreds of new companies that have started to produce masks in China and other countries. We are seeing these come to market now.

The Netherlands have recently recalled 600,000 masks purchased from China due to them not meeting quality standards.

If countries can not be sure of quality when they buy these masks, it is very difficult for smaller buyers, individuals, healthcare workers, practices and buyers.

Chinese “KN95” masks are coming to market now and they are being touted as N95 masks.

Due to so many new companies producing these masks now, it very difficult to be sure of the quality and impossible that all of them are certified.

So, how to be sure you are getting a real N95 mask?

Buy brands and models that are known and certified in the USA by NIOSH.

The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) has a handy website that lists every brand and model mask that is NIOSH N95 certified.

All the manufacturers are listed alphabetically and it is very easy to use.

The website is here

NIOSH-Approved N95 Particulate Filtering Facepiece Respirators

Whether you buy your N95 masks from us at (all of our masks are USA NIOSH N95 certified) or another vendor, make sure you are getting genuine N95 masks by making sure they are on the NIOSH approved list.


Experts: Wear N95 Masks to Help Fight Against Coronavirus

In the early stages of the outbreak, Western health officials told the masses that wear N95 masks was not useful or advised.

Many doctors and nurses were appalled at this advice as they know that the N95 masks that they wear are critical in protecting both themselves and their patients.

Was this advice to help keep supplies for hospitals and healthcare staff?

Meanwhile in Asia, China, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and other countries are all wearing masks in public.

Asia is controlling the outbreak better than the West. Is it due to wearing masks?

Experts are now agreeing around the world. N95 masks help protect against coronavirus transmission and saves lives.

‘This virus is transmitted by droplets and close contact. Droplets play a very important role — you’ve got to wear a mask, because when you speak, there are always droplets coming out of your mouth,’ George Gao, who works with the Chinese Center for Disease and Prevention, told Science Magazine.

‘Many people have asymptomatic or presymptomatic infections. If they are wearing face masks, it can prevent droplets that carry the virus from escaping and infecting others,’ Gao said.

A public health expert at the University of Birmingham in the UK, KK Cheng, thinks it’s common sense that wearing a mask would help protect more people from contracting coronavirus.

‘Just imagine you’re traveling in the New York [City] subway on a busy morning. If everyone wears a mask, I’m sure that it would reduce the transmission,’ Cheng said.

Another expert says if it’s practical for doctors and nurses to wear masks to protect themselves from viruses, then why wouldn’t the same logic apply for everyone else?

‘It doesn’t make sense to imagine that … surgical masks are really important for health care workers but then not useful at all for the general public,’ Benjamin Cowling, an epidemiologist at the University of Hong Kong, told Science Magazine. ‘I think the average person, if they were taught how to wear a mask properly … would have some protection against infection in the community.’

N95 Mask Reviews

N95 Mask Review – Degil Odyssey 74006B

Welcome to our Degil Odyssey 74006B review.

The Degil Odyssey 74006B N95 Mask with exhaust valve is a premium respirator. We had to try it out for you.

When you first see the mask, you can’t help to think that is is cool or sleek. It differs from other masks in that it is moulded or shaped into a more vertical / slim shape than the typical round shaped masks.

Points for looks for sure!

The test
We wore the mask for 2 days in a work environment where we wanted to protect ourselves from the Coronavirus. I was in contact with people 4-5 hours per day during a 10 hour shift. The mask was carefully taken off and put back on, several times per day.

The material of the mask is a little thinner and also stiffer than some other masks. It doesn’t detract from the comfort at all, it is just a different approach and probably a by-product of having such a moulded shape.

The Degil uses it’s contours as a concept to seal over the nose area. It is shaped narrow at the top to fit your nose. Inside at the top of the nose area, there is a light and thin foam flap that also helps to better seal around your nose.

The mask was pulled to my face and sealed well on the sides and bottom as well.

The straps on the Degil are pretty standard and similar to most masks. They are a rubber band type of material. I don’t have anything bad to say about the Degil straps, they are effective. That said, I would have preferred a fabric braided elastic strap like both the 3M 8510Plus and the 3M 8511 have.

Now onto the main feature, the Degil’s exhalation valve. The purpose of the exhalation valve is to let the exhaled breath escape the mask. This keeps the user cool and allows much more comfortable wear for longer periods of time.

How is the valve on the Degil 74006B?

In a word, it is fantastic. This is the killer feature of this mask. Degil has done a brilliant job of designing this valve. It is very thin and responsive allowing the valve to open and let the hot air out even with the smallest of breaths.

Here is a video of the Degil Odyssey 7400B exhalation valve in action. In the video, I am resting and breathing normally and the valve is opening every single time. Just want you want and expect.

Degil Odyssey 74006B Valve in Action

This mask is NIOSH N95 certified so it will provide the protection needed against airborne particles. It filters out non oil based particles down to 0.3 μm including virus such as the coronavirus.

In addition to looking sleek and cool, this is a great N95 mask for someone that needs to wear a mask for longer periods of time. While we think they could have put a higher quality strap on the mask, the straps do the job of keeping the mask to your face. For comfort, this mask is top notch and you will stay cool with one of the best valves on the market.


N95 Masks Amazon

Recently, N95 Masks Amazon have been sold out around the world and masks have been very difficult to get.

N95 masks started to trickle back onto their 3rd party seller platform at a higher price which still allowed people who needed N95 masks, the ability to get them.

Then at the end of February, Amazon removed over one million “coronavirus” products including fake and overpriced masks. In this swath of removals, genuine N95 masks also got removed.

By the middle of March, they confirmed to CNBC that it would no longer accept new offers for face masks, hand sanitiser, and other products related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Now since they have gone to war with N95 Mask sellers, there still are masks for sale but all seem to be Chinese masks that are non-N95 versions.

We will have to wait and see what happens with N95 Masks Amazon.

In the meantime, we have N95 masks in stock and are shipping daily.