Face Masks Mandatory in Canada for Air Travel

As of last week, face masks mandatory!

The minister of transport, Marc Garneau said, “Canadians should continue to follow public health advice and stay at home if possible. However, if you need to travel, wearing a face covering is an additional measure you can take to protect others around you, especially in situations where physical distancing guidelines cannot be maintained. Transport Canada will continue to ensure various transportation systems adapt to the most effective, preventive measures to protect Canadians.”

In other official communications, they have a post on their website about the mandatory face masks and also a graphic (below).

face masks mandatory canada
Face masks mandatory Canada

It is interesting that they mention “non-medical” masks. We assume that this specifically mentioned to avoid upsetting people that think that better quality masks should be reserved for health care workers only.

Air travel is particularly risk with hundreds of people in a confined area. If a high percentage of the population has the Coronavirus but are asymptomatic, there is a high chance of the virus circulating inside the plane cabin.

While we don’t have any travel planned, if travel is necessary, we will be wearing N95 masks for certain.

Here are some more recent face mask policies from around the world:

  • Maryland, New York, and New Jersey have issued orders requiring face masks in crowded areas
  • The US Centers for Disease Prevention and Control recommends masks nationwide
  • Walmart stores in the USA now require employees to wear masks and encourage customers to as well
  • The government of Germany has issued advice to wear masks
  • In Lombardy, Italy, face masks are compulsory in all outdoor settings
  • In Austria, rules require people to cover their faces while shopping
  • Some cities in France, including Nice, have made face masks compulsory in public
  • Slovakia and the Czech Republic have made face masks compulsory in public
  • The mayor of London has called for compulsory face masks, but the UK government has not made a decision