Everyone Wear Face Masks – New York City Recommends

Everyone wear face masks. The tide is turning and some sense is starting to emerge from officials in North America and the West.

Previously official advice was NOT to wear a mask. They said it did not protect against the Coronavirus. Most believed it.

Now in an embarrassing about-face, New Yorkers are now being told to wear masks when they go out in public.

They also admitted that earlier advice to not wear a mask was to save N95 masks for healthcare workers.

They are still not recommending to wear proper N95 masks as they are in short supply.

I don’t know what is worse, the lying to the public or jeopardising thousands and maybe tens of thousands of lives.

Who knows how many lives could have been saved if everybody in America was wearing masks in public from the beginning.

It is just common sense and it helps two-fold. First it helps sick people transmitting the virus into the air and second it stops a wearer from breathing in the virus.

It also sounds like the CDC is about to change their recommendation to tell people to wear masks. We will see in the coming days and weeks.