N95 Masks Amazon

Recently, N95 Masks Amazon have been sold out around the world and masks have been very difficult to get.

N95 masks started to trickle back onto their 3rd party seller platform at a higher price which still allowed people who needed N95 masks, the ability to get them.

Then at the end of February, Amazon removed over one million “coronavirus” products including fake and overpriced masks. In this swath of removals, genuine N95 masks also got removed.

By the middle of March, they confirmed to CNBC that it would no longer accept new offers for face masks, hand sanitiser, and other products related to the coronavirus pandemic.

Now since they have gone to war with N95 Mask sellers, there still are masks for sale but all seem to be Chinese masks that are non-N95 versions.

We will have to wait and see what happens with N95 Masks Amazon.

In the meantime, we have N95 masks in stock and are shipping daily.

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