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Face Mask Material – How different materials perform

With a shortage of quality face masks around the world, many are asking how they can make their own masks and how effective they are.

The first question is what face mask material should be used to provide the most protection.

Tom Kennedy is the CEO of a company that does the testing to certify N95 masks. He offered to test 20 different face mask materials that could be used to make face masks at home.

With the shortage, testing face mask material is a great idea. Great job to Mr. Kennedy for stepping up to do these tests and also for all the efforts of the mask designer Chloe Schempf.

It is great information and hopefully it helps save a few lives (see article link in above paragraph).

Unfortunately, as the data shows, none of the face mask materials tested for home made masks come close to the performance of the “gold standard” which is the N95 face mask.

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