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N95 Mask Review – Degil Odyssey 74006B

Welcome to our Degil Odyssey 74006B review.

The Degil Odyssey 74006B N95 Mask with exhaust valve is a premium respirator. We had to try it out for you.

When you first see the mask, you can’t help to think that is is cool or sleek. It differs from other masks in that it is moulded or shaped into a more vertical / slim shape than the typical round shaped masks.

Points for looks for sure!

The test
We wore the mask for 2 days in a work environment where we wanted to protect ourselves from the Coronavirus. I was in contact with people 4-5 hours per day during a 10 hour shift. The mask was carefully taken off and put back on, several times per day.

The material of the mask is a little thinner and also stiffer than some other masks. It doesn’t detract from the comfort at all, it is just a different approach and probably a by-product of having such a moulded shape.

The Degil uses it’s contours as a concept to seal over the nose area. It is shaped narrow at the top to fit your nose. Inside at the top of the nose area, there is a light and thin foam flap that also helps to better seal around your nose.

The mask was pulled to my face and sealed well on the sides and bottom as well.

The straps on the Degil are pretty standard and similar to most masks. They are a rubber band type of material. I don’t have anything bad to say about the Degil straps, they are effective. That said, I would have preferred a fabric braided elastic strap like both the 3M 8510Plus and the 3M 8511 have.

Now onto the main feature, the Degil’s exhalation valve. The purpose of the exhalation valve is to let the exhaled breath escape the mask. This keeps the user cool and allows much more comfortable wear for longer periods of time.

How is the valve on the Degil 74006B?

In a word, it is fantastic. This is the killer feature of this mask. Degil has done a brilliant job of designing this valve. It is very thin and responsive allowing the valve to open and let the hot air out even with the smallest of breaths.

Here is a video of the Degil Odyssey 7400B exhalation valve in action. In the video, I am resting and breathing normally and the valve is opening every single time. Just want you want and expect.

Degil Odyssey 74006B Valve in Action

This mask is NIOSH N95 certified so it will provide the protection needed against airborne particles. It filters out non oil based particles down to 0.3 μm including virus such as the coronavirus.

In addition to looking sleek and cool, this is a great N95 mask for someone that needs to wear a mask for longer periods of time. While we think they could have put a higher quality strap on the mask, the straps do the job of keeping the mask to your face. For comfort, this mask is top notch and you will stay cool with one of the best valves on the market.

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