CDC Recommends Face Masks – A Step in the Right Direction

After dragging their feet and opposing common sense, American officials are finally coming around to display some logical thinking and recommendations.

The CDC recommends face masks for prevention of the spread of coronavirus.

This is good news but it is only a small step in the right direction.

They are only recommending cloth face masks.

Here is why that is a problem.

Wearing face masks prevents the spread of Coronavirus in two ways.

First, it prevents a sick or diseased wearer from spreading the virus into the air. If the masses are wearing masks this is a huge help to suppress virus transmission.

Second, it should protect the wearer from breathing in the virus.

The CDC recommendation only helps on the first point and may not help people from breathing in the virus as cloth masks are very porous and likely does not stop the virus.

Doctors, nurses, dentists and healthcare workers rely on N95 masks to stop them from breathing in pathogens, dangerous particles and viruses.

It would only make sense that if N95 masks keep healthcare workers safe, then it should keep the rest of the population safe as well.

The only possible reason they are not recommending everyone to wear N95 masks is because of lack of supply.

But what about other front line workers? Restaraunt workers, cleaners, teachers, delivery drivers, police and fire departments, warehouse workers, farm and food chain, critical retail store employees, banks?

These people are not second class citizens, they are providing essential services to the world and they are told to work without protection. They don’t have access to the N95 masks they need and are being given recommendations to wear cloth masks.

This is wrong and it is endangering lives. There are other workers other than healthcare that deserve the right to carry out their work safely and lower the risk of infection and death.

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